Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, basically involves the sharing of property listings among all registered brokers and realtors in a specific area. The goal of MLS listings  is to provide a listings brokers and realtors with a standardized home sales database that can be referred to and compared with other home listings by other broker participants in that MLS.

The benefits of MLS listing are:-

1) MLS offers a wide data collection and provides the specifications of each home. This provides the buyer to purchase the home based on the information such as the area, amenities, no of rooms, area of the house and other details.

2) The houses listed in MLS have the option of higher visibility and exposure against the available properties.

3) MLS is considered as a great database for the collection of information regarding the buying and selling of homes in a specified area.

Thus, MLS Listing in Vancouver offers a cheap and efficient way of finding buyers for real estate. Due to the advantages of the system, many property sellers are opting for MLS listings.